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Walk Japan Community Project, Otaishimaru, Kyushu, Japan, January - March 2024

Tecla is truly super! In the month she joined our Community Project, we were able to achieve results beyond our expectations, thanks to Tecla. She actively engaged in agricultural work (mainly shiitake mushroom cultivation). In addition to the farming tasks, she also helped to move stones, supporting the children in our English program, assisting other volunteers and supporting the students on our School Tours. She can excel anywhere in the world. We guarantee that those who welcome her work will surely be amazed, satisfied, and deeply grateful. Tecla-san, we are grateful for the opportunity to meet you, and we are already looking forward to our next encounter. - Kenji Abe

Organic Farm Biloba, Nawalpur, Nepal, January 2024

Tecla is 'all in one' 💚 has all the qualities one can wish for in a volunteer. We are very happy and proud to have hosted Tecla and thankful for the wonderful exchange.

Family Farm, Valdres, Norway, November 2022

Tecla was so nice to have on the farm. She was eager to learn and did a very good job, whatever the task was. She was independent, but also great to have around when we worked toghether. Tecla was so happy to join the shearing of the sheep, and she did an excellent job to sort the wool for me. She even managed to catch the sheep and bring them to me. She made a new door for the duckpen, and did that job done very good. It was really sad the stay was for only 14 days, but maybe one day they can return. It was also a pleasure to have both Tecla and Bruno for dinner and hear about their adventourus lifestyle. We can absolutly recomend Tecla to other hosts.

Fjellgarden Gjæra Sheep Farm, Norddal, Norway, October 2022

If Tecla asks to help- the offer is unique! Answer her yes, and you will Get a solid, presise, entusiastic, practical and experienced helper who just is there to help!!! She is fit, idealistic and helpful in any ways! And she loves to work.😊🤩 You are a lucky host

Lille Langøya Goat Farm, Norway, July and September 2022

Tecla and Bruno are wonderful people. Tecla is a fountain of energy. She loves to work in nature and with animals and always asks for something to do. She is very interested in every aspect of nature and farm life. She has been with us for two periods of a bit more than two weeks each time. During summer she helped us sorting grass, hanging hay and weeding the garden, in autumn she helped picking berries, cooking jam, and packing meat. She also helped us painting an outdoor sauna and so much more. Bruno was renting an apartment during the first period to work with his IT-job, the last time they joined us he also helped, especially with the sauna and gathering sheep. If they ask to come to your place to help you, don’t think twice. They were not only great workawayers but also became dear friends.
Tecla and Bruno, you are always welcome back to our island!

Family Farm, Celano, Italy, June 2022

"Un fiore con i fiori, una pietra con le pietre, un animale con gli animali, una donna con gli umani. Grazie Tecla, forte e gentile come la terra d'Abruzzo".  Tecla was really special!!!! She was here just before our wedding and she helped in everything we needed. Finally we have real flowerbeds thanks to her. Bruno, as well, shared the morning walks with our dogs and he was really necessary!! We hope to have them both here again.

Hannan Agro Farms, Lincoln, MA, USA, April 2022

Tecla was a pleasure to have on our farm! She is a wonderful person who is full of energy and enthusiasm, and she was eager to do any task we gave her. No task was too small or menial for her, but she was also very skilled at farm work, such that we could give her a higher level job and she would completing it efficiently, with the highest quality, with little or no instruction. We would welcome Tecla back any time, and would recommend her highly to any farm needing help of any kind. She is a special person with a true passion for farm work, and she no doubt has a positive impact on every person and every farm lucky enough to host her!

Vineyard Terramante, Umbria, Italy, May - July 2021


Tecla is Amazing and Bruno her husband is an intelligent, thoughtful and kind person. Bruno did not work with us because he was working on another project. Tecla is such a kind and good person and works like a devil. She is inspired by helping. There is no task too big or too small. And she is a very fast learner and tackles every job with zest and thoughtfulness. I could never say enough good things about Tecla. We hope to see her again.

The Casale, Ostuni, Italy, November 2020

Tecla and Bruno are beautiful people; we enjoyed their company enormously. Only Tecla worked with us as Bruno was busy on another project. She has enormous energy and a constant positive and happy attitude. She constantly amazed us with how adaptable and strong she is, as she quickly and thoroughly tore through jobs. She was already experienced in most things that we asked of her (olive picking, gardening, animal care) and keen to excel at things that were new (chestnut peeling!). Her attitude to life and work is inspirational. In short, if there is a chance of them working with you, do not hesitate. We can't wait to see them again.

Vineyard Dassemus, Chaam, The Netherlands, July 2020

Tecla is energetic, enthusiastic, very social and hardworking. She is very interested in the company and the people. It was a pleasure to have her with us as a wwoofer.

Farm Ús Hôf, Sibrandabuorren, The Netherlands, June 2020

Tecla has been working with us here on permaculture horticulture Ús Hôf for three weeks in July 2019. We don't want to forget her easily! What energy and spirit! A real pleasure to work with! She is highly motivated to make sustainable agriculture work. A true Wwoofer! She has acquired a considerable amount of (market) gardening experience over the years, but is still an eager and fast learner of new tricks of the trade. When needed she is fast and effective, very much aware that this is typical for the trade and essential to the success of the business. She is self-organizing, pro-active and a good communicator: perfect leveling upfront and perfect reporting afterwards. But above all it's her ever sunny spirit that makes it a joy to have her around! Tiny point of improvement: she can't stop when everybody else's working day is finished! Thank you very much and ... see you next year, Tecla?

House and Pet Sitting, Tolentino, Italy, September 2019

Tecla and Bruno did an amazing job of housesitting for us with Tecla as the garden expert and Bruno as the Chef and guardian of all our pets (3 cats, 2 dogs and Birdie birdie). 20 olives trees manicured and bases cleared plus general gardening planting and maint. Thank you both so much, we were able to enjoy our holiday and not worry about back home......Purrrrrrfect. Bob / Fran, Pongo, Percy, Findy, Margot, Blackie and Birdie, xx

Farm, Reigolil, Chile, May 2019

Tecla and Bruno were great. Tecla was amazingly helpful and efficient in her work. They were lovely.

Tea House, Villa Lago Meliquina, Argentina, April 2019

Tecla arrived at Easter to volunteer in our house. She helped us with the kitchen, with ordering and cleaning. She was always predisposed to do whatever it takes. During the moments that she wasn't working in the kitchen, she helped us paint all the eaves of the new tea house. And with a ladder! The strength and predisposition she has doing everything is incredible; she is a super positive person who is not afraid to do any task. She was also very helpful with the other volunteers. She says that she is like "granny" but the truth is that she helped us as one more :-) She also played and had fun with the kids: she invented games for them and they don't stop asking when she's coming back. Thanks Tecla! We miss you and we wait for you next summer.

Farm "Rosita", Chignahuapan, Mexico, January 2019

Our experience with Tecla was incredible, a very hard-working and purposeful woman, unfortunately she has to continue her journey, if possible we would have liked to have her help for a longer time, I cannot say more than thank you very much for your visit.

Worm Farm "Las Ceibas", Oaxaca, Mexico, December 2019

We really liked the visit of Doña Tecla and Don Bruno. They are very kind and they helped us as much as they could, we even made a video of the farm with them! They are punctual, very funny and work orderly. Even now, that they are no longer with us, we continue to communicate via WhatsApp, surely it is the beginning of a long friendship. We know they will return to the farm, while we will be waiting. We highly recommend them to be received by other hosts, they will surely think the same as us!

"Old Copper Farm", Shaw Island, Washington USA, August 2018

Tecla is amazing! She obviously loves to work hard and does a good job. We look forward to her next visit.

Winery "Damas", Fiddletown, California USA, September 2018

Tecla is Superwoman, pure and simple. Anyone fortunate enough to have her visit as a WWOOFer is lucky indeed. She loves to be outdoors doing hard work all day long. The harder the better (her favorite thing is post pounding!) She is very smart, masters new tasks quickly, and sticks with them until they are completed to everyone's satisfaction. She is also courteous, cooperative, easy to get along with, and generally a delight to have around. Highly recommended.

"Rocking 7 Ranch", Priest Valley, California USA, May 2016

We hosted Tecla for 2 weeks and it was very productive. She is always wanting to do something, doesn't believe in being idle. Her work was always finished and correctly done. Easy going, always positive. An added bonus: each Monday she would bring a pie that she made over the weekend. Just make sure you have a long list of "to do things". Tecla we enjoyed hosting and having your presence here on the ranch. Would highly recommend her to anyone needing a productive working that's also positive and easy to work with. THANKS SO MUCH. Rocking 7 Ranch Minerva and Howard.

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